Friday, June 26, 2015

Increase Your Word Power with Patrick O’Brian – 2015

I always get a good response to Patrick O’Brian vocabulary quizzes. So to mark my completion of the last finished book in the series, I offer this matching quiz on words and phrases from Blue at the Mizzen. Some terms are nautical, some medical. Some pertain to flora and fauna, and some are just interesting and not quite common general words. As usual, try not to scroll down too far until you’re ready to check your answers. Good luck!

1. anhinga
2. bateleur
3. carboy
4. celerity
5. churr
6. distraint
7. drogue
8. euphroe
9. fid
10. fritillary
11. futtock
12. glabrous
13. gravid
14. kedge
15. languid
16. lobscouse
17. maroon
18. megrims
19. pawl
20. pintle
21. sanguine
22. scarper
23. skua
24. taffrail
25. tittivate
26. wigeon

a. a Eurasian plant of the lily family
b. seizure of property
c. to run away
d. smooth, free from hair
e. a curved piece of timber forming part of a ship’s frame
f. a thick peg
g. a brown and gray duck
h. a medium-sized eagle
i. to make a low trilling sound
j. slow and relaxed
k. optimistic
l. a stew of meat, vegetables, and hardtack
m. ornamentation around a ship’s stern
n. a curved bar that engages with a gear’s cogs so that it can turn only one way
o. a firework
p. depression, low spirits
q. a globular bottle with a narrow neck
r. a pin supporting the rudder of a ship
s. a fish-eating bird related to the cormorant
t. a predatory bird related to the gull
u. to move a ship by hauling in the hawser attached to a dropped anchor
v. a conical device towed behind a ship to reduce speed
w. speed
x. pregnant
y. to make small enhancing alterations
z. a long wooden slat that holds up an awning




1-s, 2-h, 3-q, 4-w, 5-i, 6-b, 7-v, 8-z, 9-f, 10-a, 11-e, 12-d, 13-x, 14-u, 15-j, 16-l, 17-o, 18-p, 19-n, 20-r, 21-k, 22-c, 23-t, 24-m, 25-y, 26-g

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